Episode 53 : Farming While Black – We Need to Reclaim Our Relationship to the Land says Leah Penniman

In this weeks Episode we have Black Kryeol Farmer Leah Penniman, Founder Co- Executive Director of Soul Fire Farm. And Author of Farming While Black and social activist; Leah believes that now is the  time we reclaim our relationship to the land and our food. Her Farm is a People of Color led project that[…]

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  REWIND And COME AGAIN! Yes I am all about us creating the life we want this year so we must listen again to this wisdom. I wanted to repost this interview. it is very powerful. Ellen Burton,inspirational leadership Executive Coach, Business Lecturer and Motivational speaker takes the guest chair. She leads us through her4[…]

EPISODE 51: Nikki Bethel says Sometimes We Have to Lean Back, and when We Lean in, it looks different

  Part 2 of my conversation with Nikki Bethel, SVP of Talent Management at HBO. We discover more about her work and how she has achieved her success  at HBO, the imposter syndrome and her most courageous moment. I hope you continue to enjoy our conversation – Listen and let me know your favorite moment[…]

Episode 50: A Conversation with Nikki Bethel- Sista-friends Having a Moment

Nikki Bethel – New episode !!!! – YOU are going to love, love,  love this episode. I sat down with SVP of Talent Management at HBO,  Nikki Bethel and we became Sistafriends that day. She is so wonderful. Our conversation moved us to tears, had us laughing and sharing such beautiful moments. Less of me[…]

EPISODE 49 : Courageous Moments – How We Can Take Inspired Action. 

  In this weeks episode two of my former guests are sharing a courageous moment in their life to inspire us to take action in our own lives. Sometimes the thing that is in the way of us achieving our goals is fear. What if we could go beyond our fear? What would we do[…]