Episode 108: Michelle Ghee: You Have to Be Prepared and Not Walk in Fear.

This week we have Michele Thornton Ghee joining me in the guest chair. Michele is  a proven executive that has worked for some of the most powerful media companies in the world. She currently serves as the Managing Partner for Stratechic Alliance. A small part of Ghee’s legacy is her tenure at BET. Michele was[…]

EPSIODE 95: What’s been driving me this week: Attitude is Everything

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: Whats been driving me this week!! It’s a SGD short. This week I share my insight that attitude is everything. How we approach our life absolutely matters to what we have in our life. Hope it helps your day and week.  In these shorts,  I share with you what is the main[…]

Episode 94: Taliah Givens Making Moves for Young Black Leaders

In this weeks episode is the last but not least amazing woman in my UNCF series – highlight the work to support the future of our Black Young people. I am so happy that we have Taliah Givens in the guest chair. Taliah is the Senior Director of UNCF Student Professional Development Programs she has led[…]

EPISODE 92: REWIND Paulette Rowe, President of Paysafe Shares How she Navigates her Uber Successful Career

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: This week I rewind to a really early episode with Paulette Rowe, currently President of Paysafe, formerly at Facebook and MD at Barclays Bank. You will learn so much about what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and more. Get your notebooks ready as the barriers are not match[…]

Episode 89: Patrice says she aims for “harmony verses balance”in her life

On this weeks episode we have Patrice Washington in the guest chair. This is part 2, so if you haven’t listened to part 1 Episode 88 remember to go back to listen to that one. Patrice is the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, Founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a personal finance training and development firm focused[…]