I have to Forgive Myself EP 20

  In this weeks episode, award winning  dancer, educator, choreographer and speaker Hope Boykin, 18 season dancer at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater takes the guest chair. Hope shares about forgiveness, fear and the power of grace. Hope was an original member of Complexions. She was also formerly a member of The Philadelphia Dance Company, PHILADANCO. As[…]

My invincibility came from my Mom EP 10

In this episode of She’s Got Drive we have Robin Dunn, FACE coach, Creative Director and Choreographer. She is one of the key community leaders in the entertainment industry today. Robin Shares with us… When she started in dance The power of having her Mum giving her unwavering support in her life How she got[…]

Working for Michelle Obama made me strive to be better EP 9

In this episode of She’s Got Drive we have Julie Wenah, just started working as Counsel at Airbnb. Julie was former Obama Appointee: Counselor and Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Commerce. She led President Obama’s manufacturing initiative around regional collaboration and building strong manufacturing communities. So many insights await you.  She shares how she got to the[…]

My MBE does not define me EP 8

In this episode of She’s Got Drive Lorraine Martins, the first Director of Diversity of Network Rail, shares with me  What it’s like to be the first person etc go to University in her family Her definition of success given her background What her MBE means to her Her work on the London Olympic games How Chairing[…]