Episode 102: #RelationshipGoals – How we made it to 20 Years Together with these 8 Principles

  This week is a REWIND episode, originally published in February 2018  = we go back into the vault for this episode on relationships – you know that intimate one you have for life. In this COVID19 culture there is a lot happening in this space and I thought this may be helpful. I share[…]

Episode 101: Pioneer, Former Dep. General Counsel Of Time Inc, and Author Rhonda McLean “Sings If I can help somebody” to inspire us.

In this weeks episode I am so happy to I speak to Rhonda Joy McLean, President and CEO of RJMLEADS LLC, a leadership consulting and career advancement company based in New York City.  She is the former Deputy General Counsel of Time Inc., a global publishing company, where she managed one-third of the law department and[…]

Episode 100: Valerie Rainford Says ‘Sometimes When You Can’t Make Sense of Anything – You Just Have To Move Forward”

In this weeks episode I am so happy to I speak with Valerie Rainford, who is founder and CEO of Elloree Talent Strategies – a consulting firm that works with senior leaders in corporate America to increase the representation of diverse talent. Valerie has a wealth of knowledge gained from her 12 years at JP Morgan[…]

EPISODE 99: What’s Been Driving Me This Week – Time to Pivot

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: Whats been driving me this week!! It’s a SGD short. This week I share in this COVID19culture the places in my life where i have had to ‘pivot’ – because i cant keep doing the same thing.    FREE DOWNLOAD TO SUPPORT YOU: Download for free self care inventory pdf with the[…]

Episode 97. Self Care SOS 2020 – Let’s Level Up Our Self Care

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: This week I share my Self Care SOS approaches. This is reflecting the conversations I am having with my clients as we navigate the impact of COVID19.  Self care in these times are not about a nice to have – it is essential living – lets have a look at what you could be[…]