EPISODE 107: REWIND ‘And Still I Rise’, Dr Nicola Rollock is the Woman Who Talks About Race

We are going back to 2017 when i interviewed  Dr. Nicola Rollock in the guest chair. Dr Rollock is an academic, consultant and public speaker specialising in racial justice in education and the workplace. She is widely known for her research which examines, for the first time in the UK, the career experiences of Black female[…]

EPISODE 106: What’s Been Driving Me This Week – We Need to Take A Pause

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: Whats been driving me this week!! It’s a SGD short. This week I ask  Can we TAKE A PAUSE?  And what I am seeing is the  impact of us acting from our raw emotions. I share with you some questions that I am asking myself and that you can ask as you[…]

Episode 105: Leslie Gross: Former President Obama Appointee and Public Policy Expert says Know Your Value and Trust Yourself

On this weeks show we have Leslie Gross is a nationally-recognized strategic advisor, with 20+ years expertise in public policy and systems change. During her career she’s advised cabinet secretaries and C-suite execs Currently, she heads Advantage Insights Group, a government affairs and public policy practice. Her prior roles include Director of the Equality Fund[…]

EPISODE 104: Kimberly Lee Minor – I Feel More in Control than I Have Felt in 10 Years -Even in this Pandemic

I am so excited to have Kimberly Lee Minor sitting in the guest chair this week. Kimberly is a business owner and creative executive with over 25 years of senior level leadership​ and creative customer experience – spanning merchandising, product development, brand development and management. Winning the Outstanding Contribution Award in her company. She has been[…]

EPISODE 103: REWIND JENNIE JOSEPH : Black Mothers are Dying – Find out how Midwife Jennie Joseph is saving Black Mothers and Black Babies

5th May is the International Day of the Midwife, shining a light on the important work that midwives of worldwide to deliver the worlds children. So I thought I would repost my interview with one of the most inspiring midwives in the US and that is no exaggeration.  Jennie Joseph,  CEO of Commonsense Childbirth based[…]