Getting ‘The Code’ was critical for my success [Part 1] EP 14


Part 1

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In this weeks episode, we have Dr. Shalei Simms, Assistant VP of Academic Affairs at Suny College at Old Westbury. She previously joined me at the Apollo.  Her work has been featured in such publications as Group Decisions and Negotiations journal and International Perspectives of Social Entrepreneurship Research. 

This is Episode is part 1

In this episode she shares 

  • When she found her calling
  • The power of the ‘PHD project’ and her amazing circle of support
  • ‘The CODE’ she has had to learn to be successful
  • The challenges that she faced on her Ph.D. journey
  • How she included her family in her Ph.D. journey
  • Her moment of faith that kept her in her Ph.D. program
  • The politics of Academia

Connect with Shalei on Instagram on @leileisimms

If you are interested in the Ph.D. Project that Shalei talks about have a look at this website:


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