I am the mother of two gloriously beautiful children


 I am the wife of one gorgeous husband


 I have been a coach and consult and facilitator for 30 year


I  am the host of She's Got Drive Podcast since 2017.


 My favorite writer is Dr Maya Angelou and her body of work has guided me for the last 30 years since I discovered her.


One of my favorite things to do is photography. It’s probably my next career move!!!


I keep my mind and body in balance through my yoga practice.


 Green Smoothies are the new orange Juice!


 I am a Brit living in the US and loving this adventure.


 I love fashion and design and surround myself with beautiful things.






As a passionate enabler of change amongst senior leaders, I've led more than 160 transformational leadership programmes, on four continents, to audiences of all sizes, for one of my clients and over the years lead hundreds more.


A diversity and equality expert, I've designed and delivered cutting edge programmes for Shell, Marks and Spencer’s suppliers (UK’s #1 retailer of women’s & menswear) , and KPMG - all of whom experienced cultural shifts as a result of the work and even won an award.


And I have some Royal connections!! Buckingham Palace invited me to attend tea for young achievers, following my successful campaign to raise awareness about Black Women and their experience of Breast Cancer. As a result of that work, national cancer organizations started to recognize the needs of Black women and instigated targeted outreach programmes.


I'm also a proud Alumnus of the Windsor Fellowship and of the Windsor Leadership Trust, where I later had the privilege to lead their key leadership programme at the Queen's other home, Windsor Castle!


I have dabbled in the world of film and produced & directed a childbirth education film called Birthwise. This led to my work in the area of improving maternal healthcare in the US. (it’s a long story I can share over a cup of tea!). I would love to see the end to the astounding number of women and babies dying after childbirth.


I am committed to providing you with support and guidance on how to live your life, or fulfill your organisation’s purpose by design and activating your creativity. It is within all of us - I promise!!! 


Through my years of training, development and experience of working with thousands of people I am able to step into your world powerfully supporting you to unlock the potential in your’s and your organization’s life.


I have had the privilege of working with people from for profit to non-profit organisations, from leaders of large corporations to social entrepreneurs, from scientists to artists. In the UK, in the US and Africa.



 My Clients Have:


  • Created new ways of living and operating that was originally not thought possible and they did it!


  • Started to really own who they are and rock it!


  • Became inspired to go beyond where they would normally stop


You have within you the wisdom to design, create, and live your life fully. And my passion is to help you access that wisdom.