Shirley was one of our key lead facilitators on our global programme on Influence, Impact and Conflict Management for both first level leaders and senior level leaders.

She was rated highly by participants for her honest, expert coaching and feedback, engaging facilitation style and humour. I have seen her turn around the most challenging participants so that by the end of the programme they are the biggest advocates of the key messages.

As a lead facilitator she coached and supported other faculty so that they can deliver to their best ability, while making key decisions about the best way to run the programme for the particular audience.

As I client, I feel that Shirley works in partnership with me and that above all I can trust her to provide a quality experience for all of our leaders. She is passionate about developing both people and organisations. Her high standards of excellence for her own work extend to an authentic desire to get the best outcomes for our organisation. She is both an outstanding facilitator and coach - such expertise in both skills can be difficult to find. I particularly valued having her on our senior leader programmes, as her style is particularly suited to this audience, she values their expertise and experience while also challenging them to think in a different way.

Charlotte – Global Oil Company,

Director of Leadership Academy



I first met Shirley four years ago, she is a rare and accomplished human being. It is such a privilege to work with her and learn from her, and I can scarcely calculate the value she has brought to our organization. We are an emerging professional association with small human and monetary resources, and a mandate to be able to function effectively, quickly, and sustainably. As a coach, Shirley has nurtured us, on an individual basis and as a whole. She has helped us to cultivate a Board culture of teamwork, direct communication, and action on our commitments. She helps us to be our best selves, through her own modeling of compassion and loving leadership. She is unflinchingly honest without any hard edges. She loves to laugh. Our Board has grown in courage, consciousness, and commitment to do the right thing, even when it might be the hardest thing. Our values and our hearts are manifest in our work, and this quality has made our organization uniquely respected among our peers.

Shirley has the ability to infuse us with an eager excitement and determination even when the task at hand is hugely demanding. She brings clarity, tools and methods, a new perspective, open listening, humility, faith, and heart to all she offers. I cannot recommend Shirley highly enough to any organization or project that needs an infusion of authentic and durable core development. We are hugely grateful to her.

Ellie Daniels, President of the National Association of Certified Professional, US

Shirley McAlpine is an exceptional coach because she stands right beside you as you traverse the unchartered terrain on your journey to self-discovery. She has an ability to help tease out the underlying issues or patterns while providing the support needed to bring about change. I have benefitted greatly, as clarity and purpose manifested through our work together. I highly recommend her not only for her skills and ability, but for the her authenticity and the passion she brings for every person's, and every agency's full and complete development. ~

Jennie Joseph, Founder and CEO of Commonsense Childbirth, US




Shirley was hired to consult on organizational/staff development, leadership coaching, and strategic planning. When Shirley's arrived, our organization was in a place of uncertainty, inefficiency and we was going through extreme change. She helped to instill structure, through improved policies, procedures and processes to turn us into a viable health and education organization. In addition, she provided professional and personal development to our team members, improving communication, efficiency, increased productivity, team dynamics, and expanded our capacity to offer more services which increased our net profits.

Shirley is a joy to work with and brings life into a dead situation. She is easy going, an avid listener, but is focused with extreme intentionality. Without Shirley's unique ability to harness the energy of the room and turn that into winnable strategies and solutions, I don't know if we could have achieved what we did in such a short amount of time. Quite frankly, I know we could not have without her!

Any organization that needs a "turn-around!" Bring in Shirley, she’s Intentional, inspiring, is highly effective and gets results!

Shaleana Eubanks-Worlds, MS, PhDc , Assistant Executive Director (Not for Profit Orgnanisation)



Shirley McAlpine helped our board make the transition into thinking more deeply about our organizational processes, and our commitment to the mission of our organization. With insight and precision she helped us understand and redefine our individual roles, and improved the ways we engaged with each other. I initially didn’t understand the need for an executive coach or a consultant, but quickly came to realize that she was providing the guidance that we needed to move to a higher level of functioning, and identify and remove the stumbling blocks that were holding us back. She is independent, frank and very wise and says the things that you need to hear; she does this with grace and kindness.

Tanya Khemet – not for Profit Board member, US




It is no exaggeration to say that without Shirley McAlpine’s expert consultation, guidance and coaching, our professional association could not be anywhere near as successful as we are today in fulfilling our mission. Since 2011, Shirley has supported our board and staff to become a remarkably high-functioning, cohesive, dedicated and effective leadership team. She is entirely unafraid of – and highly skillful with - challenging conversations when they are needed, and she has helped us navigate some difficult developmental waters with great integrity that could otherwise have undermined our organization and our mission. She challenges us to achieve ever-greater levels of organizational capacity, and always keeping our eye on our core vision, purpose, values and commitments. Shirley’s high levels of integrity, skill and commitment to purpose, inspire our entire team to contribute the very best of ourselves. And she is charming and a lot of fun to work with! We are grateful to Shirley, and recommend her to others with great enthusiasm.

Mary Lawlor, CPM, Executive Director, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives




I worked with Shirley over a 6 months period at a time when I was at a turning point in my life -the track I had been running on had come to an end and I was faced with choices to make both personally and professionally. The biggest result for me was intervening in my patterns of behaviors that I kept unconsciously acting out, which had

been keeping me stuck and at arms length of the things I really wanted in my life. In the work that I did with Shirley, I started to walk in a different direction - one that was free of past behaviors and allowed me to make choices that would serve me and my life’s purpose, free of all ’shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’. All this with ease, honoring my purpose - no drama, no struggle.

Shirley works without judgment, without an agenda. She brings a depth of love and presence that allowed me to find my true authentic self. I have freed myself of doing anything in my life that doesn’t serve me, leaving me focused on creating the next part of my life. It is the first time in a long time that I feel excited about the future.

I would recommend Shirley to anyone who is looking for profound change in their life and is interested in making those changes with a committed and dedicated coach. Three words I would use to describe Shirley is Authentic, Committed, and Love.

Janey, Consultant – NYC


We contracted with Shirley (and her business partner) to provide planning guidance and facilitation for our first-ever national symposium - The symposium had a big vision, involved a diverse group of attendees, and was successful in large part because of this expert facilitation. At the end of our 3 days, we were able to identify "what most requires our shared attention" - Among the most important was the acknowledgment of the toxic effects of racism, both in our culture as a whole as well as inside our own profession. Shirley sensitively and skillfully helped our group navigate these difficult discussions.

As President of the Board, I worked closely with Shirley and learned a tremendous amount about how to create an effective leadership team.

Shirley has extensive knowledge and experience in helping individuals and organizations work to their full potential while staying rooted in a strong ethical foundation. She brings a special kind of wisdom and real joy to this work. She is smart, committed and clear. I am so gratified to have known her and would recommend her without reservation.

Suzy Myers, LM, CPM, MPH - Former President of Board of Directors (Not for Profit)

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