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The Podcast where Black Women Talk About Success & How They Achieved It

If you want to have more DRIVE and success, as well as tools, strategies, and confidence to change your life, this podcast is for you. Host Shirley McAlpine uses her 28 years as a coach and consultant to bring you the lessons of women with DRIVE through inspiring interviews.

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She’s Got Drive, The Podcast where Black Women share
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We Cause our Own Success – Your coming for you EP26

In this week’s episode we have Part 2 with Donn T – a Singer songwriter, Producer, one of a handful of female independent record label owner of Dtone Victorious, actor, and recently made her literary debut as an author in Sourcebook’s anthology

To Thine Own Self Be True All Day Every Day EP 24

Cynthia Mullins Legal counsel and Chief Human Resources Officer for JMW shares about the transfromational impact that her volunteer work has had on her life and when she was able to reclaim herself in her life.

Get Clear What You Are Fighting For EP 23

Kamilah Forbes, awarding winning producer and director, and Executive Producer of the Historic Apollo in Harlem shares why she took on this role, her vision for the future, what motivates her every day and what becoming a mother taught her about herself.

"I have to say She’s Got Drive is my go to podcast. Each interview is full of so many jewels!"

"I have incorporated so much of what I’ve learned into my everyday life. I encourage you to have a notebook out when you’re listening!"

"A must listen for ALL women (and probably men too!) If you are stuck, looking for motivation, inspiration or a destination then this amazing podcast will help you get there!!"

"I’m loving this podcast, the different backgrounds of the women interviewed keeps it interesting. Their stories and practical advice keeps on inspiring!"

"Shirley is an incredibly inspiring woman and here she does an amazing job of curating other inspiring women."

Ready to Live your Life by Design and not Default?

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EPISODE 109: Marie Kondo consultant Kristen Ivey talks about Respect Gratitude & Joy

This week in the guest chair we have For the Love of Tidy’s founder, Kristyn Ivey, is a professional organizer who is dedicated to teaching busy families, professionals, and creative entrepreneurs how to let go of “stuff” and attract a truly abundant life. With over...

Episode 108: Michelle Ghee: You Have to Be Prepared and Not Walk in Fear.

This week we have Michele Thornton Ghee joining me in the guest chair. Michele is  a proven executive that has worked for some of the most powerful media companies in the world. She currently serves as the Managing Partner for Stratechic Alliance. A small part of...

EPISODE 107: REWIND ‘And Still I Rise’, Dr Nicola Rollock is the Woman Who Talks About Race

We are going back to 2017 when i interviewed  Dr. Nicola Rollock in the guest chair. Dr Rollock is an academic, consultant and public speaker specialising in racial justice in education and the workplace. She is widely known for her research which examines, for the...

EPISODE 106: What’s Been Driving Me This Week – We Need to Take A Pause

Welcome to another edition of She’s Got Drive: Whats been driving me this week!! It’s a SGD short. This week I ask  Can we TAKE A PAUSE?  And what I am seeing is the  impact of us acting from our raw emotions. I share with you some questions that I am asking...

Episode 105: Leslie Gross: Former President Obama Appointee and Public Policy Expert says Know Your Value and Trust Yourself

On this weeks show we have Leslie Gross is a nationally-recognized strategic advisor, with 20+ years expertise in public policy and systems change. During her career she’s advised cabinet secretaries and C-suite execs Currently, she heads Advantage Insights Group, a...

EPISODE 104: Kimberly Lee Minor – I Feel More in Control than I Have Felt in 10 Years -Even in this Pandemic

I am so excited to have Kimberly Lee Minor sitting in the guest chair this week. Kimberly is a business owner and creative executive with over 25 years of senior level leadership​ and creative customer experience – spanning merchandising, product development,...

In each episode you get  ideas tools and strategies to
live your life by design and not default.
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