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The Podcast where Black Women Talk About Success & How They Achieved It

If you want to have more DRIVE and success, as well as tools, strategies, and confidence to change your life, this podcast is for you. Host Shirley McAlpine uses her 28 years as a coach and consultant to bring you the lessons of women with DRIVE through inspiring interviews.

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She’s Got Drive, The Podcast where Black Women share
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We Cause our Own Success – Your coming for you EP26

In this week’s episode we have Part 2 with Donn T – a Singer songwriter, Producer, one of a handful of female independent record label owner of Dtone Victorious, actor, and recently made her literary debut as an author in Sourcebook’s anthology

To Thine Own Self Be True All Day Every Day EP 24

Cynthia Mullins Legal counsel and Chief Human Resources Officer for JMW shares about the transfromational impact that her volunteer work has had on her life and when she was able to reclaim herself in her life.

Get Clear What You Are Fighting For EP 23

Kamilah Forbes, awarding winning producer and director, and Executive Producer of the Historic Apollo in Harlem shares why she took on this role, her vision for the future, what motivates her every day and what becoming a mother taught her about herself.

"I have to say She’s Got Drive is my go to podcast. Each interview is full of so many jewels!"

"I have incorporated so much of what I’ve learned into my everyday life. I encourage you to have a notebook out when you’re listening!"

"A must listen for ALL women (and probably men too!) If you are stuck, looking for motivation, inspiration or a destination then this amazing podcast will help you get there!!"

"I’m loving this podcast, the different backgrounds of the women interviewed keeps it interesting. Their stories and practical advice keeps on inspiring!"

"Shirley is an incredibly inspiring woman and here she does an amazing job of curating other inspiring women."

Ready to Live your Life by Design and not Default?

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Episode 35 : How to Show Up in Your Truth and Power and Create Your Personal Brand

In this weeks episode we have Pasha Cook founder of Pasha Cook Associates, an image and branding consulting agency that helps their clients take their brand to the next level. She is the author of Brand yourself like a Champion , Cultivating Brand Excellence. She is...

Episode 34 Keep Rocking your 2018 Goals : How to Stay on Track to Win

As we come to this stage in the year its time to check in on your 2018 goals. Many people miss out this important step and if you want to achieve your goals in life, a review is one of the best things that you can do to be successful. This week I guide you through a...

‘You Cannot Do it Alone’ – How Director Renee Edwards turned her Passion into an Award Winning Film EP.33

In this weeks episode with have Renee Edwards Director | Editor |Producer | Writer. A  multi-award winning film maker with over 25 years experience. Renée is the Director of  ‘One Note at a Time’, to be released in 2018. The film documents New...

Create a Loving Relationship that is Built to Last – I share 8 Guiding Principles EP.32

This weeks  solo episode is on relationships – you know that  intimate one you have for life. I share what are the 8 principles  that has sustained my relationship with my husband Dan for 18 years . And whether you are with your partner for 1 year or 10 years...

You Can’t Love Someone More than You Love Yourself , Wisdom by Activist Margaret Greer EP. 31

In this weeks episode we have Margaret Greer, National Race Equality Officer for UNISON, the largest Trade Union in Europe. Margaret has been an activist and community based organizer for several years. She was the first winner of UNISON’S Nelson Mandela Award for...

How to be the Fit and Fierce by Wellness Influencer Angelique Miles EP.30

In this weeks episode we have Angelique Miles a leading Wellness Warrior and Influencer following a successful  20 year career in the entertainment industry. Angelique Miles was  responsible for signing publishing deals with platinum and Grammy-nominated artists such...

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live your life by design and not default.
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