Shirley is impactful, a deep listener, inspirational, perceptive, and empathetic. For over 30 years she has been transforming  cultures, supporting leaders, challenging status quos, shifting systems and inspiring people to live and lead with their best selves.

At Shirley McAlpine & Associates, Shirley has brought together a group of creative problem solvers and passionate contributors who share the same commitment to humanity. She created her company to expand the reach and impact of her work and to bring innovative answers to the challenge of how people fulfil their potential at work and beyond. And how we can truly thrive every day, not just survive.

Living and working in both the UK and the US, and working in other parts of the world such as Europe and Africa has afforded Shirley the experience of working across many different cultures. She brings a distinct lens, challenging existing norms in a compassionate and courageous way.

Her coaching has an ontological underpinning and is grounded in developing active listening skills, improving emotional intelligence, Gestalt Theory, working with systems and mindful reflection. Her work includes both individual as well as team coaching.

She is PCC accredited by International Coaching Federation and Faculty on one of only 50 fully accredited ICF programs globally. She has also designed an ICF program on Race for coaches’ continual development with CEUs. She is trained in Hellinger’s Systemic theory, EQ, Gestalt, and an accredited Intercultural Development Inventory Assessor (IDI).

Over the years her diversity work has included supporting the launch of the Soros Equality Fellowship and coached Fellows who are leaders influencing the racial justice field and delivering Diversity Engagement Sessions to the top 1000 leaders in Shell. She led an award-winning organizational change diversity program called ‘People Matter’ for Marks & Spencer’s leading suppliers. She also designed and delivered a Diversity and Inclusion program called ‘Daring to be Different’ for all Partners in KPMG UK.

In 2017 she designed and chaired the very first ‘Inspiring Black and Asian Leader’ Windsor Leadership program delivered at Windsor Castle in September 2017.

She has spent the last 10 years providing leadership and coaching services to the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives to support the expansion of their critical work, and has held several voluntary positions

Shirley launched She’s Got Drive Podcast at the historic Apollo’s Women of the World Festival in 2017. She interviews Black women about their success and how they achieved it. Through their stories, listeners are inspired to pursue their own dreams. Shirley provides personal development tools and life strategies for her audience on “How to live your life by design and not default”. In 2019 She’s Got Drive was named by Black Enterprise as one of the top 20 podcasts for Black women to listen to. Now at episode 114 – her guests include Apollo’s Creative Director Kamilah Forbes, Former Facebook’s Paulette Rowe, CBS Anchor Michelle Miller, Hope Boykin from Alvin Ailey and Julie Wenah, President Obama Appointee.

In 2007, she expanded into the world of film as Co-Producer and Director of Birthwise, sharing powerful guidance on preparation for birth and a full prenatal class. Endorsed by Thandiwe Newton, it has been featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Prima and Juno magazine. This was a catalyst for her work as an avid supporter of birth activists and consulting in the birth space.

Formerly, Shirley was Chair of the Apollo’s EmpowerHER Women’s Network, a Fawcett Society (a UK Women’s campaign organization) Board Member, and a School Governor. Shirley was invited to Buckingham Palace, London following her campaign to raise awareness of Breast Cancer amongst Black women, and appeared on the BBC’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, and local and regional BBC radio programs in England and Ireland, and in Black-led media channels.

Shirley brings a business acumen, strategic thinking and commitment to having all her work make a difference.

Originally from London Shirley has lived in Chicago for 8 years with her husband Dan and two children.



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