EPISODE 103: REWIND JENNIE JOSEPH : Black Mothers are Dying – Find out how Midwife Jennie Joseph is saving Black Mothers and Black Babies

5th May is the International Day of the Midwife, shining a light on the important work that midwives of worldwide to deliver the worlds children. So I thought I would repost my interview with one of the most inspiring midwives in the US and that is no exaggeration.  Jennie Joseph,  CEO of Commonsense Childbirth based in Florida, has worked tirelessly through her The JJ Way™ method  to educate, empowerment and support women to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

America has the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country in the world. More than two women die every day in the USA from pregnancy-related causes, and 3 to 4 times as many Black women as White are at-risk or die during pregnancy. We have read and heard of Serena Williams experience and the challenge that Beyonce has – the issues for Black women cross socio economic  boundaries – it is real and we all need to know what is happening. Raising awareness about this preventable issue gives a platform to Black women to share their experiences, and educates and empowers communities to push for change.

Jennie is  a national speaker, motivator, and author. She has  been featured in documentaries  about this important issue, has  hosted her own radio talk show and is a regular guest on other shows. I…

In this episode

  • Hear her  thoughts on what success means to her and her personal journey.
  • and how her success was more organic , verses  being planned,  through the challenge of transitioning as a midwife from the UK to the US.
  • Jennie  shares how she could not ignore the calling to work on behalf of underserved women and babies and the terrible maternal health outcomes in the US, that are often unknown and the impact on black women and families.
  • How her personal painful experience lead her to start her journey as an entrepreneur and lessons learned.

For more on Jennie Joseph and her work go to https://www.commonsensechildbirth.org or follow Jennie on Instagram @iamjenniejoseph


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