Episode 39:  Karen Chaplin, Educator and Advocate of Young People Teaches us a Mantra to Achieve Our Dreams

This weeks episode my guest is Karen Chaplin. Karen is an independent Education Management Professional. She was the former County Supervisor of Education for Essex and Passaic counties, New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, the Coordinator of Regional Post-Release Programs, GED Program Director at the Jamesburg New Jersey Training School for Boys, and special education instructor for the severely disabled in the NJ Department of Corrections. She started her life as an educator as a 4th grade and middle school teacher, specializing in reading. She sits on numerous Boards bringing her educational expertise to the organizations and communities that she serves.

Karen Chaplin earned a BS in Education at Lesley University and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership at the College of New Jersey. She is proud to have been married for 36 years to Chuck Chaplin, , and to be the mother of two awe- some children her daughter Beverly  and her son Eddie.

Find out

  • What enabled Karen to follow her passion
  • How you can be unstoppable in pursuing your dream – learn this mantra
  • What we can do as parents and people in the community to support our children’s education
  • Why advocacy is so important in education and the various ways Karen advocates for young people
  • Karen’s three biggest life lessons

Connect with Karen:

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-chaplin-1a203112/


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