Episode 40: ‘Trust and Know that its Going to be OK’ – How Dawanna Williams became one of a handful of Black Women building Condos in NYC worth millions?


After four months away we re-launch She’s Got Drive Podcast with some small changes, but what has not changed is the amazing women that I interview to inspire you to be the driver in your own life. 

This week is the wonderful Dawanna Williams Founder and Managing Principal of Dabar Development Partners sitting in the guest chair . One of only a handful of black females owning a commercial development business in the NYC area. An experienced real estate development and investment firm focused on developing distinctive real estate properties primarily in New York City. Dawanna Williams has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Prior to founding her company  in 2003, Ms. Williams worked as a commercial real estate lawyer, spending most of her career at international law firm, Sidley Austin LLP – yes the same as the Obamas! From 1994 to 2003, Ms. Williams represented major developers, international governing authorities, investment banks, institutional lenders, and private equity investors in connection with a wide range of high-profile real estate transactions. During this period, those projects involved millions of spatial square feet and over $1 billion in transaction value.

In this episode discover

  • ‘What is driving me’ this week…
  • The song that has kept me going over the last 4 months
  • Dawanna’s love of real estate since she was so young – you will be amazed
  • her powerful definition of success i will give you new insights for your success
  • Her beginnings as a real estate lawyer
  • How personal crisis can lead to a higher calling
  • What social housing can be when Dawanna is at the helm
  • ‘A courageous moment’- a new segment on the show to inspire you to your own moments of bravery
  • And I introduce “Shirley I have a question!” to the podcast : remember to send me your questions !!!

Connect with Dawanna: https://www.dabardevelopment.com/about


Thank you again Martin Sapp Ministries for allowing me to play “Never would have Made it”  from the Thirst album.   Stop what you are doing and download the song  now and his books on his websitehttp://marvinsapp.com/shop-now/and  iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/never-would-have-made-it/258502925?i=258503371


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