Episode 46: Donna Fraser tells us ‘You Don’t Know Until You Have Tried – So Give it a Go!

In this weeks episode Donna Fraser is a demonstration of courage, resilience and tenacity. Donna is one of the UK’s most successful 400m runners who competed at 4 consecutive Olympic Games and is now the Vice President and the Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead to the sports governing body, UK Athletics. She was formerly the President of the South of England Athletics Association and from 2013-2015 she was Chair of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network at EDF Energy.

She dedicated over two decades to her sport in athletics while pursuing a corporate career and now uses her talents to give something back to communities, her sport and those who want to achieve great things in life by inspiring and sharing her knowledge and experience gained in the world of sport and business.

Donna is so engaging and inspiring and a fellow Brit. I was able to sit with Donna and talk about her life journey so far from a successful career as an olympic Athlete  to a Brest Cancer Survivor – I wanted to start the year of She’s Got drive Podcast with Donna – her story may not be your story, but if we took on our lives in 2019 with as much grit and courage what would show up for us this year?

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