EPISODE 47:  Give Yourself Permission to Indulge in Self Care says Lifestyle blogger Jacqueline Nickelberry  

Jacqueline Nickelberry is the creative force behind the lifestyle blog  www.JackieUnfiltered.comand YouTube Channel, Jackie Unfiltered TV on fashion, food and fitness. Jackie is a frequently invited speaker at conferences and events. For 10 years, she has worked with the Apollo Theater to raise money in support of the Apollo’s art education programs which provide opportunities to over 10,000 students annually.   In 2016, Jacqueline became involved with Honey Shine, Inc.,  providing character development programs to thousands of young women from under-resourced communities. Formerly, Jacqueline practiced entertainment law in New York City . Jacqueline earned her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, 2003 and B.A. from Spelman College, magna cum laude, phi beta kappa, 1999.

In this episode:

  • What is style? Style is being comfortable, style is feeling great
  • Her advice to women on how to style themselves
  • The impact of loss on her life
  • How did she get to the place where she is overdressed and under bothered?
  • What were the oments of bravery each day
  • How did she deal with the loss of her Mom at 20 years old.


“No one can give you permission to be kind to yourself other than yourself. So many people are expecting everyone else to be kinder to them than they are to themselves”

“Women don’t spend enough time getting to know themselves”

My personal style is based upon have a deep sense of knowing who  i am  and who i want to be

“Every woman should have a tailor on speed-dial”

“I am overdressed and under bothered all the time”


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