EPISODE 49 : Courageous Moments – How We Can Take Inspired Action. 


In this weeks episode two of my former guests are sharing a courageous moment in their life to inspire us to take action in our own lives. Sometimes the thing that is in the way of us achieving our goals is fear. What if we could go beyond our fear? What would we do then?  Deep appreciation to Glynda C. Carr, Co Founder of Higher Heights for America – And Sharlene Brown  Executive Director of the Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion. for sharing their courageous moments with us.

Glynda was formerly a guest on She’s Got Drive Episode  44 and Sharlene was my  guest on episode 41. See the links below for those episodes.


Mentioned in this episode

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Episode 44:Glynda Carr – Black Women our voice Matters

Episode 41: Sharlene Brown – Be Ready to Recognize Opportunity’


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