Episode 69: Cecilia Nelson Hurts shares How She is Accepting her Gifts (PART 1)

This week in the guest chair we have Cecilia Nelson-Hurt Assistant Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion for L’Oréal USA. This is Part 1 of my interview with Cecilia who  is responsible for shaping diversity efforts through innovative initiatives that underscore the company’s commitment to  to “build the standard in making beauty inclusive,” Cecilia works with leadership across divisions and departments at the company to educate and promote diversity processes and procedures to positively impact organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.

Prior to joining L’Oréal, Cecilia served as Vice President, University Relations for JPMorgan Chase. where sh managed campus recruitment,  diversity relationships as well as financial endowments across four Historically Black Colleges and Universities on behalf of the bank.

Cecilia is an Advisory Board Member of Black Women of Influence, a sisterhood of highly accomplished women who have each been recognized as Trailblazing, Influential Black Women in Business. And is a avid knitter. 

We talk about what is it like to lean into a talent you have, being of service and developing  a relationship with someone you dated 30 years prior at high school. 

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