Episode 94: Taliah Givens Making Moves for Young Black Leaders

In this weeks episode is the last but not least amazing woman in my UNCF series – highlight the work to support the future of our Black Young people. I am so happy that we have Taliah Givens in the guest chair.

Taliah is the Senior Director of UNCF Student Professional Development Programs she has led the strategic direction and management of over 30 UNCF internship programs.In the past 5-years, her department has served over 900 students across various industries including education, STEM, financial services, public relations, publishing, entertainment, and health care. Taliah started her career as an Optical Solutions Engineer at Nortel Networks and AT&T. She completed degrees in both computer engineering and electrical engineering technology from Georgia Tech and Alabama A&M University.

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Reviewing your year can be powerful. Find a beautiful space, some music playing in the background, a lovely cup of tea and cake,  a journal with your favorite pen and get to work. This is both a moving and enjoyable experience.

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